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What cars are the most reliable

I need a great looking car with luxury appointments, fair gas milage and seats six. Reliability is very important. Any suggestions?

How much $$$ you got to spend?

Big issue: “seats six”. Six adults? Two adults and 4 children? The only comforable way to seat 6 adults is a minivan or medium-large CUV/SUV. A Ford Flex, Honda Odyssey, or Toyota Sienna would work.

If used(even slight) look at the Lincoln Town Car. It seats 6 comfortably, is inexpensive to repair, beyond comfortablem very reliable and durable car.

I think I would have to top out at 40k

Great suggestion, I just can’t do the wide of a car. I need something with more of a cool factor but will give me the ability to haul upto 4 adults and 2 or 3 kids, gets fairly good gas milage, 20 city would be fab. Hard order to fill?

Toyota Highlander with 4 cylinder can do it with third row. Not sure if you can get luxury version. You definitely get the hybrid version with mid 20’s MPG both city/highway and loaded to the hilt for near $40k.

Is this a constant 6 passenger vehicle or occasional?

You will find seating for 5 in cars. Think SUV with a third row or minivan. The minivan will definitely be the most comfortable for all passengers and will have the best cargo capacity when loaded with people.

Agree with jt, for that many seats, a car, unless it is a limo, will not do. When last in Algeria, I was driven around in a Toyota Land Cruiser with 3 seats, and a luxurious interior. This vehicle is way over $40,000, so a 3 seat Highlander, which my family doctor drives, would fit the bill.

However, non of these vehicles are “COOL”. They do have a very high level of quality, and should impress those who recognize REAL VALUE. For those that don’t, who cares!

Lady Bird Johnson once visited the London Autombile show and was heard to remark that the $150,000 or so for a Rolls Royce, was “a lot of money to pay for a compact car”.

Happy shopping.