I need a car that seats 5-6

I’m researching new cars and am looking for a sedan that seats 5-6 people comfortably, having 3 kids across the backseat does not work–NOT AN SUV, and would prefer not a minivan. In researching, I’ve seen several models that have a ‘wagon’ model but I can’t actually find if this means an extra row of seats or it’s just a fancy way of saying hatchback. The manufacturers’ websites seem like they don’t want to list this and you can’t really tell from trying to look at interior pics. Can anyone recommend a sedan that seats 5-6 comfortably? Or a website that actually lists seating?

Honda Odyssey or Toyota Sienna. Take the whole family to the dealer and have them pile in. Check cargo space behind the seat, alot of time it’s limited when rear seat is in use. Then send your wife and kids to get lunch while you haggle. This will save you from rushing the deal and your wife from ruining the deal.

If you must have 3 rows, as it sounds, you need either a CUV or a minivan. No such thing as a 3-row sedan. Very few wagons out there, too. Why the aversion to CUVs? Have you looked at the Ford Flex? Chevy Traverse? Mazda 5?

I drive a lot for my job (20-25k per year) and need good mileage. The Mazda 5 and Kia Rondo are two that I’ve been looking at and am looking for something like that.

The Mazda 5 and soon to be Ford Grand C-Maxx will give you the wagon/hatchback look while having 3rd row seating. Though the C-Maxx will have a turbo charged 1.6L engine and will REQUIRE high octane fuel; The Mazda 5 can run on low octane fuel

In eBays search window, enter “Buick Estate Wagon”…What more could a Mom ask for??

Better hurry, this is the only one!


I would find a used stretch limo; lots of room inside. The ideal vehicle would a London Taxi which has jump seats in the back, as had the late Checker Cab.

You laugh, but if I could be sure that was reliable, I would buy that in a second!

I know of no 6-person vehicle more economical than the 5 or Rondo. Just know that you’ll have very little luggage space with 5-6 people in one of those.

It’s got a Chevy LT-1 engine, still used today…They are VERY reliable. The example I posted is a little tired, the rear tailgate dented in, a “B” unit car…You can find these from estate sales in pristine condition, very low mileage, garage kept…They are body and frame construction, rear drive. All the rear seats fold down flat…

OK, so what’s your budget - you say ‘economical’…do you mean ‘cheap’?