6-seater cars or vans


best priced six-seater cars?


Crown Victoria/Grand Marquis, especially since I believe they are the only 6 passenger cars available (does the Charger and 300 have six seats?)

But, any minivan will seat 7, a full size van could seat up to 15, a large SUV can seat 9.

For 6 passenger cars, though, the Crown Vic is pretty much the only option.


Mazda makes a 3 rows of 2 seats “micro” van - a Mazda 5? It’s basically a Mazda 3 series, so it should be ~20K


Some Tauruses (Tauri!) sit 3 in the front bench.


The Buick Lacrosse and Buick Lucerne can also have front bench seats. Also the Chevrolet Imapla seats 6 with a bench.