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Buy a Used 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid?

I’m considering buying a used 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid for $5000. I’m looking for a gas-friendly car to drive for about 2-4 years before I move on. However, I have heard they have battery issues, and I want to know if buying one is a good idea. If the battery has been replaced, how old is too old of a battery?

I myself would not buy a 11 year old complicated hybrid of any brand. There are plenty of fuel friendly gas vehicles on the market at that price. I would almost consider as cheap of lease of a new car as I could find so every thing would be under warranty for three years.

But if you must have this then spend about 100.00 to 125.00 and have the vehicle looked at by someone with experience on hybrids.


Thanks Volvo. I am wondering, why wouldn’t you buy an old hybrid? If the battery has been replaced recently, couldn’t you trust the car would work?

I would not even buy a used hybrid because they are complicated vehicles . And if the battery has been replaced recently why are they not driving it to at least make use of the money they spent. Other people might not agree with me but that is how I feel .


I am the very happy owner of a 1999 Honda Civic EX which I bought new. Best car I’ve ever had. But the Honda hybrids fall short, time has told. I would not recommend a used one. The only used hybrid I’d consider is the Prius. Far ahead in reliability and durability over all the other hybrids and indeed just about all the other cars in general.


I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Prius. Personally, I prefer floor-mounted transmissions.

The university where I taught had Honda Civic Hybrids in its fleet. I drove one 250 miles round trip and the seating position was not comfortable for me. I am 6’ 2" tall and there wasn’t enough legroom for me. The Civic Hybrid I drove was made somewhere around 2007. My research partner is 5’ 4" and she was comfortable driving the Civic Hybrid. Her own car at the time was a Civic with a manual transmission. We checked the mileage on the Civic Hybrid and she claimed it was no better than her non hybrid Civic with the manual transmission.
My wife did recruiting for the university and drove the Honda Civic Hybrids on long distance trips and didn’t find them comfortable. When she traveled, she requested a Ford Taurus as she found it more comfortable than the other vehicles in the fleet.
I don’t know anything about the reliability of a Honda Civic Hybrid. I am suggesting that you first determine if it is comfortable for you to drive. If so, then have it checked by a qualified mechanic.


NO, no ifs ands or buts . . . just say NO

If you want a used compact hybrid, buy a Prius

We have lots of Prius and Civic hybrids . . . the same model years you mentioned . . . in our fleet

ALL of our Civics had battery pack problems, even the ones that got reprogrammed to prolong battery life

No such problems with Prius

Unless you’re literally given one for free, avoid that Civic Hybrid

you have been warned, and by a long-time professional at that


Civic hybrids have had lots of battery problems. Do not buy one.

Thanks everyone, I guess I’ll err on the side of caution here and refrain from making a purchase.