Buying a used Honda hybrid 2005 modelor Toyota Camry or Pruis


My user name says it all. I’ve had Honda Civic’s stick shifts for the last 20 years. I now want an automatic. I’m 71 and it’s time to be more relaxing and comfortable. There is one for sale 2005 Honda Accord Hybrid with 6,363 mi. Engine Type 3.0l V6 PFI SOHC 24c (non of this means anything to me.) I’ve been the kind of driver who cares only about trusting the key turns the engine on and away I go. I have taken good care of my vehicles. The oil change on time and inspections on time and will continue to do so. I’ve never bought a used car but am willing to do so now. I remember ones reading about some problems with Honda Hybrids. Anyone out there who knows anything or can give me advise. THANKS


This is carDummy again. I forgot to mention the price. $16,950 OBO Somehow this seems low to me. What do you think?


The Camry is ion’s more comfortable and nice than a Prius. At 71 why suffer with a subpar car and get the Asian version of a Buick.


andrew, thank for your reply. Very interesting. I’d never want a Buick, Asian or American


Get something that doesn’t run strangely; something not a hybrid. I’m over 50 and I wouldn’t want to get used to something different, although I liked the CVT transmission. I liked it because I had a hard time getting used to overdrive transmissions. I wanted the old days when the car was in drive and darn well stayed there while going up hills. The CVT was the greatest thing I ever had, even with the drawback of picking up too much speed while going downhill in coastal Ca. North and South of Santa Barbara.


Ah yes, the good ol’ days of the powerglide tranny. :stuck_out_tongue:


The Accord hybrid is something of a rare bird. It’s combination of V6 engine and electric motor make it VERY quick, and it is often considered something of a performance car, although it does get very good fuel mileage.

I don’t think the Accord hybrid has a CVT, but instead uses a standard automatic transmission.

I suggest you drive the cars you are think of buying and choose the one you like best, and are most comfortable in. Any of your choices is a good, reliable car, but you may have to take a hybrid to a dealer rather than an independent mechanic, due to the complexity of the hybrid drive train.


I would be very suspicious of a almost three year old car with only 6 K on the odometer. I would have to know the exact history on this car before feeling comfortable.

The hybrid System in the V6 Accord was more a performance enhancer then a fuel savor. IMHO this car has a lot of unneeded hardware that could cause extra problems in the future. Especially because there was not many produced, and has since been discontinued. Parts could become EXPENSIVE.


thanks everybody but what is a CVT and IMHO


Here is a list of abbreviation’s

IMHO= In my humble opinion

LOL = Laugh Out Loud

HTH = Hope That Helps

IIRC = If I Remember Correctly

AFAIK = And For All I Know

CVT stands for constant variable transmission


A CVT is a trnsmission that doesn’t shift, but rather varies the gear ratios continuously based upon the need, in an attempt to try to make best use of the engine’s torque curve. Personally, I love the concept but I’d still be reluctant to try one until they have much more history long term. I’m risk-averse by nature. But I admit that I haven’t heard of any particular reliability problems with them.


Gas mileage is a little better than the regular Accord with a V6. I would call that awful as far as hybrids are concerned.