2006 Civic Hybrid - Considering buying it

This Car needs 6k miles before the Hybrid battery warranty expires.

If I am buying this car, can I buy a warranty that will cover the battery? Who is it from?

Battery cost $4k from Honda - is there a way around it?

Warranty is for 80k - it has 74k miles.

Maybe you don’t really want a hybrid. Just be aware that any insurer will make money in the long run. In order to do that, they will have to charge a lot of money for the policy, and they will not warranty normal lifetime issues.

[b]2006 Civic Hybrid - Considering buying it

Why ?[/b]

Hybrid originally was supposed to mean best of both worlds, in this case, electric and gas propulsion. Instead with hybrid cars it means you get both worlds and you have to deal with them both. While you’re concerned with the electrical world, what’s going on in the gas one ?

I’d use the Kiss (Keep it simple, stupid.) System and just buy a used conventional Honda Civic if you like those little cars. You have already given one reason supporting this advice.


If you’re concerned about having to replace the large battery soon you probably shouldn’t buy this car.

Just because the warranty expires doesn’t mean the battery will be no good the next day. The battery may last many more years. There are first-generation Insights running around with their original battery packs still functioning well.

I wouldn’t waste my money on a battery warranty. If the warranty was any good it would cost almost as much as the battery.