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I have a 2008 Dodge Caravan.It has been in the shop numerous times. The latest was to have new bushings put in. Why would new bushings be needed on a 1 year old vehicle with 13,000 miles on it? It is driven daily.(I know they were needed as there was a thumping sound that came from the driver’s side front of the car whenever I hit a crack in the road.)

Because you told them you are unhappy with a noise you are hearing and they want top marks from the customer satisfaction survey they are going to send you.
Would you have felt better if they said they tightened the shock absorber,no, now you got a real part put on your car (and they tightened the shock and the mechanic got to flag the time for installing new bushings,everyones happy)except Chrysler and they are doomed anyway.

Would these be the swaybar bushings? These have been a problem for the past three generations of these vehicles.