Car Bushings?

I was just told I need new front bushings on my car. I realize this is a real thing, but I am just wondering why I need something so drastic done to a four year old car??? Over and above this I recently got my front upper tie rod replaced. My car is acting up so I know something is wrong, I am just wondering if this is a valid car concern. And if I am in immediate danger if I cannot afford to get it fixed for a while? Can anyone help me???

What type of car, mileage, bushings, etc. are we talking about? Cars usually have more than one kind of bushing; control arm, stabilizer bar, etc.
What do you mean by “acting up”.

I have an 04 dodge neon. I think around 63,000 miles. All the mechanic told me was front bushings. They noticed because I need an alignment and they cant fix it untill I get the “bushings” fixed. I just dont inderstand this whole process. And what I mean by acting up is, My car shakes when I am going over 55 and shakes when I hit the breaks. I just got new roaders today so the break shaking has stopped but it still shakes when I go over 55. This happend a few months back and they said I needed a new upper front tie rod. I did that and its been fine untill now. I just need someone to shed some light on this for me. And if i should worry about danger to myself or my car if I cant afford the 600 bucks to do it right now. Any ideas?

Based on the inability to perform an alignment this could point to lower control arm bushings. This is not a safety factor (at least comparatively speaking) but can affect the vehicle handling, cause shaking, and fast tire wear.
The shaking could be caused by tires with irregular tire wear or tires that are out of balance; or can’t be balanced.

It’s odd that lower control arm bushing would be worn out on an 04 with only 63k miles on it. Normally a problem which leads to the inability to perform an alignment is caused by worn tie rods, tie rod ends, or loose lower ball joints. The lower ball joints are part of the lower control arm assembly, which also contains the control arm bushing.

I believe I would get another opinion on this problem and do not tell the next shop what the first shop said. See if they come up with the same diagnosis.

Wow. I am so impressed with your answers! Thank you so much for taking the time. I will definately get a second opinion. Take care!!

Lots of this kind of steering and suspension bits will wear out faster if you drive fast over rough roads or streets.

“Upper tie rod”???

Definitely time for a second opinion if this is exactly what they told you.

Maybe “outer tie rod end” is what they really said?