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Burstin fuel lines

Has anyone heard about or seen an issue with the fuel line on 2006 Nissan Xterras bursting. This has happened to me twice in one year and five days. It occured in the same place both times on the fuel line where it runs from the firewall to the carburetor. Nissan refuse to pay for it both times.

You don’t have a carburator.

Has anyone checked the fuel pressure regulator?

I guess that carburetor looking thing on top of the engine is the fuel injector. Yes?
No. I asked a trusted mechanic if there was anything that could be causing a back-pressure or undue pressure and he told me no.
It this easily checkable? Would I be able to do it? Where is it located.

The fuel injectors are one per cylinder, like spark plugs. They should not be on the top (throttle body injection) on a car that new, but I’m not familiar with Nissans. The contraption on top of the engine should just be for metering the air going into the engine, but it may have a “cold start” injector, or the line may be part of the evaporative system or something else. Any way you can post a picture of the line and what it’s going to?

Your mechanic can hook up a fuel pressure gauge to see if your fuel pressure is higher than it’s supposed to be.