Fuel contamination

My 2007 Nissan Xterra was damaged by brine-contaminated fuel in 2009. Have since replaced fuel injectors (twice!), fuel pump, O2 / fuel sensors, spark plugs, gaskets, IPDM controller. Also, used fuel cleaner additive for 2 tank fills. Car has significant hesitation in all gears at low rpms. After recent replacement of fuel injectors (2nd time) car ran great for couple weeks, then hesitation returned. Costs have been covered by Exxon via claims. Dealer says no need to replace fuel tank since it has been so long. But what else can be fouling up the new injectors? Please help. Any ideas?

Has anyone bothered to check the fuel pressure? Have you ever replaced the fuel filter?

Not sure about checking the fuel pressure. Will ask the shop. Regarding the filter, my understanding is that the fuel pump and filter is one assembly…which was in fact replaced. What baffles me is that putting in new fuel injectors clears the problem completely for a couple weeks (I did that twice!)…but then something seems to foul it up again over time. That’s why I was suspecting the fuel tank. Any thoughts?

Brine is salt saturated with water, a very strong saline solution. This could easily leave a residue in the tank that could continue to corrode and/or infect the fuel pump, the filters, the insides of the lines, and the injectors, as well as perhaps other things. Replacing the fuel system parts without replacing the tank is, IMHO, inadequate.

Thanks so much. Yes. I agree. Now in hindsight I realize I should have insisted on replacing the fuel tank a the time we replaced the fuel injectors, etc.