Burping 2009 Ford Mustang

My car makes a groaning or burrping sound sometimes when I come to a stop or put it in park. I have an after market muffler I installed personally and I don’t know if it is the exhaust or the brakes or something else. Do I need to have this checked out?

Can not say much more than you probably should. May not be anything more than some dry or worn rubber mounts. Might be something more serious. You said muffler-singular-so I’m guessing the V6. I have the V6, changed rear bumper cover to the GT and had a complete cat-back duel exhaust system Flowmaster 40s conversion, professional installed, no issues.

Groaning usually means brakes but those sounds only happen when actually moving. Burrping sound? Could you describe that a bit more?

And could you tell us if it IS a V6 and what brand muffler you installed?

Yes, it is a V6. I installed a Borla axle-back exhaust (single exhaust) about four years ago. (The other modifications from stock are a Ford Racing Cold Air Intake, Bama Tune, strut tower brace, and rear sway bar.) The car started making the sound less than a year ago. I would describe the sound by saying “brrrrf.” It is difficult to locate the sound as it doesn’t make it consistently. As of today, the car has 40,000 miles. Thank you.

Wow, that is a toughie. I can’t think of anything that would make that kind of noise. Do you have any idea where it might be coming from?

BTW, pretty good choice of upgrades. Borla makes the best sounding mufflers. I also have a Bama tune in my 5.0.

I can’t really tell where it is coming from; I’d say the lower back of the car, but it may be the lower front. The next time it happens I’ll try to figure it out more.

Thank you. I am very happy with those upgrades. Nice!

When the parking brake is on my Corolla makes a noise like that as I get into and out of the car, or if there’s a little movement still happening from the stop. On mine I presume it is the parking brake shoe rubbing a little.

Thanks for the info on Bama Tune. I might check that out. But getting close to time for brake work on mine.