2008 Ford Escape grunting sound

New pads and rotors, but still makes grunting sound

Where is the sound coming from and under what conditions?

Is that why you replaced them in the first place? Who determined this was the problem?

Had a warped front right rotor. Had it turned and new pads. That’s when the groaning noise started.
After that I had a local brake shop with a good reputation replace both front weels with new rotors and pads. Two days later more grunting.
Repeated process with top of the line parts, still grunting…

New wheels?? Or new tires???

So no one has really determined what is making the noise, just changing parts hoping things get better?

Yes, that seems to be the what’s happening. New tires 3 months ago. Other than the brakes this has been a good running and reliable auto.

Bill, that is the most expensive way NOT to fix a car problem.

Answer @Purebred’s question. When and under what conditions does this occur?

It’s worse when the vehicle is cold. When you go from reverse to drive and when you come to a full stop and pump the brakes. It slowly gets better as it heats up.

Does it only happen when you brake? When you pump - meaning on-off-on-off-on the brakes or Hard brake-lighter-hard-lighter does the noise rise and fall, come and go?

Where does the noise come from?

Tired of annualizing the problem. Will learn to live with it, or get rid of it.

Thanks for your concern and input.