New Noises on 1999 Mustang after New Tires Installed

A little less than a month ago my wife’s old 1999 Mustang had the tires replaced. Since that time there she has noticed two new sounds:The first is whirling/grinding sound coming from the front right wheel that comes and goes. The second is a low, loud groan that seems to come from the front of the vehicle when the brakes are applied. The groan varies in intensity but seems to always be present when the brakes are applied. The groan is not unfamiliar to anyone that’s driven an older car, but it is much louder than I have ever seen on any other car (on the other hand I usually drive a Corolla so it may be normal on a V6 Mustang ).

The first sound seems to have been reduced but not eliminated since I followed the advice in this video below and pushed the plate behind the wheel back a bit with a screwdriver. Now it is only audible when the engine is off and the wheel is spun (in other words, when it is sitting on a jack and the wheel is spun by hand), but it is still there.

I have no idea how to deal with the second problem.

I took it into the shop where the tires were purchased and mounted. The good people at the shop did rotate and balance them, but both noises remain.

I looked at the calipers and discs and everything seems in order except (possibly) two things. The discs have rust around the edges not unlike the ones in this photo below and I have no clue if that is normal or a problem. The rust is present on all wheels and only the one makes that noise, so I think that may not be the source of the sound,. On the calipers some substance (paint?) is peeling off, but otherwise they look fine and again the same is true on all the wheels so it seems that is unrelated to the noise. I have not been able to get a look at the pad, so I don’t know what condition they are in.

Other information: The serpentine belt was replaced a few days after the new tires were installed. The radiator was flushed at the same as the belt was changed. They also threw in an oil change and all the fluids checked at the same time. The tires are new Michelin Defender size 205 /65 R15 and all 4 tires are new. The engine is a V6 and the transmission is automatic.

Any ideas on what is wrong? .

The groan could be a sway bar bushing. The rubber hardens over time and it’s possible that raising the car on a lift for the new tires could have affected the bushings a bit due to the stance.
Think of it as a fingernail on a chalkboard.

You might consider pushing down hard and repeatedly on top of each front fender and listening carefully as you do this. If you hear any groaning it’s likely the sway bar bushings although there are other things such as control arm bushings, strut spring pads, etc that can cause this.

it sounds like your brakes are wore out by your description? Sometimes it can be hard to locate as they can be wore out and grinding on the rotor in such a tiny spot its very hard to notice. If this isnt the case i have also seen as much as a tine rock get wedged in the caliper, that people searched and searched for. the only way i was able to find it was to locate the wheel with the noise and remove the caliper to find the rock had somehow made its way inside there resting on the rotor. So if i was in your situation, i would jack the car up, spin the wheel to make sure which one the noise is coming from, then look at your rotor very closely, it may have an extra shiny patch wore somewhere, check even the outer edge (thats where the rock on the one i described was stuck) if you see a spot thats extra shiny or rough thats where somethhing is rubbing wrong.