Another problem on the mustang (serious or not?)

ok i have a 1997 ford mustang v6 with about 195000 miles on it ( give or take). when im driving on the road sometimes or just leaving from a parked spot and i put my foot on the gas there is a grinding sound that sounds worse as the rpm raises and the noise doesnt go away until i take my foot of the gas for a couple seconds then everything is fine. it does it when im on the highway sometimes and it appears sometimes if i go over a bump in the road. when it grinds i feel the bottom vibrate hard aginst my foot but that goes away when the grinding stops. any suggestions?

Have the exhaust system inspected for a loose heat shield.


I had a loose heat shield on a catalytic converter that matches your sound, that is a good place to start. If nothing on the exhaust is loose, check the motor mounts. If the motor shifts under load it may cause something spinning to rub metal on metal. Does this pitch of this sound change as engine rpm changes?

it just gets louder and rougher its deep sounding to kinda

the pitch gets worse sounding the faster i go until i take my foot off the gas for a sec then put it back on