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Burnt out rear fender marker bulbs 2003 Passatt

VW dealer did heatshield recall.Both rear bulbs not working after they did work.Was told $31.00 would cover repair.

Gave go ahead. 1 hour later was told they needed to remove bumper to be able change bulbs at additional labor cost of $100.00 +. Anyone else have this problem?

Those side marker lamps can be a pain. I broke one on my car when trying to remove it to check something else, but I was able to use some glue to repair it. Five years later it is still fine. I don’t suggest you start by braking it however. I later learned how to remove it and it was not too bad.

I suggest finding a local independent mechanic and save a few dollars. The mechanic may not know a better way to getting to it (apparently your dealer does not know that much about it if they quoted you $31 dollars only to come back and up it $100. (Of course they may have known and are just total sleazy.

Thanks for the input. Going to meet with service mgr & shop mgr tommorrow to see why bulbs can`t be replaced without removing rear bumper.