Eccentric Euro Electricity

My '06 VW Jetta: I was changing burned-out rear tail lights and brake lights over and over.Now when I switch on the side marker lights they light for a nano second then go off and stay off. But no lights have burned out since this side marker light weirdness stated.

Then sunroof, on its own, slightly opens then seconds later closes. open close open close until I move the control knob then it stays in place.

What is the reason for the side marker lights to not stay on?

You have a wiring harness problem, shorts to ground being caused probably by chafed insulation…or… has anyone added anything aftermarket like a security system, a remote starting system, or a fancy 10 gazillion watt sound system?

No, no aftermarket anything. I was hopeing someone would say" wrong strength fuse ", that I can fix.

When you replaced those bulbs did you use exact replacements? The reason I ask is that VW uses a Can-Bus system and it will shut down circuits and do other odd things if the load is not exactly right. A bulb that would work OK in most systems might throw the Can-Bus into fits due to a different current draw.

I hope that’s all it is. Good luck.

Fueses either work or don’t,that is if you use a fuse that cannot conduct the amount of amperage that the circuit demands,it will “blow” and you will have a open circuit.

A open circuit means, no function, not intermittent or modified.

Fuses are pretty much just different thickness wires. The thinner the ‘wire’, the lower the amperage rating. When an electrical circuit draws too much current, the fuse ‘wire’ melts and disconnects the circuit. Regardless of the size fuse you use, it will have no effect on the problem you’re having. VWs are known for electrical problems/weirdness. I have no idea what kind of bulbs your VW is supposed to use, but make sure the ones you have installed for the ones you replaced are exactly what VW calls for. It sounds like you may need an exorcist, or at least a good VW-trained electrician.

Have the alternator output checked for a/c (alternating current). Why? Why not. It’s a quick, simple check.