1999 buick le sabre

I recently damaged the rear tail light of my car. It is only the plastic covers that are damaged. The mechanism still works. Do you know if it’s possible to repair only the plastic, or will the whole mechanism, which would be pricey, need to be repaired?

It looks like you must buy the entire tail lamp. The lens is an integral part of the assembly. You can buy it at the dealer, a surplus yard, or on line. I use eBay motors. They have new replacements for about $70 plus shipping. I’ll bet the dealer is a lot more, but call to find out. Some items are priced comparably.

Replace it yourself. It is really simple. Even I can do it. And if I can do it, you can too. If it is the tail lamp (blinker), there are 3 plastic capped nuts on bolts attached to the lamp housing; two are behind the carpet on the inboard side of the light. You unscrew them and pull the lamp assembly out. Next turn the lamps about a half turn and they will pop out of the housing. You’re done. Just repeat the steps in reverse order to install the new lamp housing. Good luck and come back if you need any pointers or encouragement.