Ford Explorer Burning smell



I am hoping to find someone who has experienced a burning smell while driving their Ford Explorer. Mine is a 2002 XLT. The smell occurs sometimes while driving, usually when the A/C is on, and at least 50% of the time I notice it when I pull in my garage and turn the car off. To me, it smells like burning rubber. I have had my local Ford dealer investigate it several times and they deny there’s a problem or that it’s there at all. The car runs fine otherwise. I want to sell this car and have no explanation for a potential buyer. HELP!




I’m not an A/C repairman but I’ll guess the smell could be a slipping belt or an almost burned out A/C clutch.

Is there any noises associated with this smell?


Take it to a reputable independent garage. In addition to checking the engine out, have them check the brakes out too. One may be intermittantly dragging.