Ford oil vent leak?

So I have a 1996 Ford Explorer, V8, All Wheel Drive, Automatic, with 158000 miles. I plan on driving it forever or until I cannot afford to buy the gas.

For about 4 weeks I have noticed a oil smell and then small oil drops on the driveway. Upon investigation I have found there is a rubber line running to a nylon vent that is strapped to the frame in the left front wheel well. The vent plug was somewhat loose from the line so I removed it cleaned it and then reinstalled it with a small hose clamp to keep it in place. My question is what is wrong that is causing oil it blowing out of this vent? I’m guessing that something in the plugged somewhere else causing this vent to be backing up and dripping. I have checked my repair manuals and online but nobody shows this or references anything like this line and vent. I’m thinking its part of the emission control system but I don’t know what part. I suppose I could plug the vent and stop the leak but then I’m sure something else would blow



Why don’t you trace the line and let us know what it goes to? What type of oil is leaking? If you could determine the type of oil, you could start from the component that uses that type of oil, to the “vent” tube.

The leak is motor oil and it is accompanied by a strong oil smell after the engine has been running so I’m guessing it is a crank case vent of some kind. I have tied to trace the line back but there are to many thing in the way and its really cramped for space. I took the car to my oil change place and the guys let me go down in the pit and check from the bottom for where this line goes and there is no clear access to it. I have taken the left front tire off and the wheel well splash liner to get a better look and the line just goes straight toward the engine and out of site. From the bottom I got nothing and I was in there for close to and hour with a light. (the oil shop guys like me). I’m really stumped! Help! Please!!!