Smoke from vents/hood

Hi Everyone! First time poster here, hoping to get some honest feedback for preparation before taking my truck in.

I have a 2014 Ford F150 XLT, about 180k miles. About a month ago I started to notice some smoke come into the cab from the vents. It seems to happen intermittently, and most often once I’ve exited the freeway. The smoke only seems to last a few seconds. It’s difficult to describe the smell. It doesn’t seem to be a sort of “burning rubber” smell, or the “sweet” smell of burning coolant. At first I thought it might be burning pine needles or sap, since I park under large pine trees daily, but I figured there would be a “piney” smell if that were the case. The smoke doesn’t seem to be getting any worse, but also not getting better. I don’t notice anything coming from the exhaust, and when I close the vents it just escapes through the hood vents.

All temp and pressure gauges are measuring normal and no service lights have been illuminated. I’m happy to answer any questions, but would love to get some guidance on the possible origins of the smoke. Thank you!

Valve cover gaskets leaking onto the exhaust manifold? Maybe.


Yeah, that’d be my guess, some kind of oil or maybe power steering fluid leak.

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