2007 Lexus LS 460 - Infotainment mishap

Data Screen went blank

Take it to your Lexus dealer. Bring a robust credit card.


Thanks for the information.
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Nice car. Does hvac work? I still would like one.

It might be corrosion on connectors. If you feel handy you could remove the head unit pul to connectors off and push them on a few times to see if that helps. Probably best to have a shop you trust look at it though. If your regular repair shop isn’t good with electrical problems, ask them for a recommendation of a shop they like. Don’t assume it is corrosion, let the repair shop diagnose the problem and tell you what they think.

Step one in diagnosis-

  1. Form fist by clenching right hand.
    B. Raise fist above center of dash.
    III. Bring fist down briskly, striking dash above infotainment system.

Observe: system operation restored?
Yes- done.
No- call dealer.

Seriously, check the fuse(s) for the infotainment. Otherwise, please describe your level of expertise before other options are detailed.

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According to the service department at an Audi dealership, that was what my friend needed to do every time that the wipers failed to function on her TT coupe. In her case, she was instructed to hit the left side of the dashboard. It actually worked… until the next rainy day, when she had to assault the instrument panel again.

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