2016 RX350 Letsuck above-dash screen went blank

Vehicle runs well as usual.
In white font on the black screen:
"Checking the maps disk.
Please wait a moment."
repetitively appears for a few seconds, thenothing for many seconds.

No icons.
Cannoturn off the air conditioner which I would shut off using the mouse knob and clicking on climate.
No telephone or features, voice dial, through the vehicle speakers.
No radio or CD player.

Removed thegative battery clamp for seveahours.
Removed the Lexus 16GB mini SD card. Then re-inserted it.
No improvement.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

Probably not until you learn how to spell Lexus .


And now for a constructive response. Temporarily disconnecting the battery appears to be the standard fix. Since that didn’t work, take it to a dealer and have a hefty bank balance available. You may have a bad head unit and if so a car audio shop might be cheaper than the dealer. Best of luck and I for one understand your frustration.


There is a software update available, but the display needs to be functional to install it.

The last audio/navigation unit I replaced in a RX was $2800 for an exchange unit.

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I hate cars that make you go into a screen to control any function. Even when they work.


It isn’t necessary to use the LED display to operate the climate control, there are hard button for on/off, defroster and temperature.

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Thank you.
The display appears normal at first.
But does not progress to the warning page and anything thereafter.

At 288k, should another vehicle be considered rather than $pending $2,800?

Yes, but we cannoturn the air conditioner off - unless the [Auto] button is not being used correctly.
As a registered tree-hugger and Greenie I sweat rather than use the air conditioner.

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Been a trouble free car, otherwise?

You may be saving a few dollars a week. Hardly worth the repair cost.

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In my neck of the woods a 2016 RX350 goes for somewhere in the $30k’s. You’re looking at spending maybe 10% of what the vehicle is worth. Given the current economic climate I’d say it’s worth it.

I think OP has pet name for suv.

This is your penance for wasting energy warming the engine before you drive.


Probably. TBH, I didn’t see one with anywhere near 288k. Still, let’s say it’s worth $25k, maybe less, as little as $20k. Plus, if I’m reading Nevada_545’s post correctly, that’s $2800 for just the part. But it’s still got to be a fraction of the cost of a replacement vehicle.

Yes, but I have never warmed themergencyehicle for my comfort.
Have kepthengine and transmission warm on cold winter nights with an electric skilleto lessen problems of accelerating a cold engine to highway speedsoon after start-up.

Just swear off toilet paper and leave the AC on. It’ll balance out.

Already have.
First I use one side. Then rewind and use the other.

Butt even better is our AMDM Intelliseat® toilet seat bidet.

Was considering starting my own company selling and installing them.
Bob’s Bidets
You can pay me Tuesday for a bidet today!

A State Patrol mechanic suggests replacing themergencyehicle by 300k.

Returning from an emergentransport Sunday afternoon, in the garage I drove the front wheels up on ramps andrained the hot oil. Thoroughly cleaned the canister and installed a new Fram oil filter cartridge and screwed the canister back on.
Cleaned the oil dipstick and opening where oil is poured in.
Had cleaned oil plug ready to screw on and oil pre measured.

Planned to have the oil drip out all night, but NOOOOooooo.
At Oh-dark-thirty (3:29 a.m.) the blood center calls for an 88-milemergentransporto a hospital.
Fortunately I remembered to screw on the oil plug before adding the oil.

Any state patrol rigs make it even close to 300k?

You’ve already said the vehicle runs well otherwise and I doubt it sees the kind of service an emergency vehicle does. It’s still a lousy time to buy a vehicle and $2880+labor is less than a year of payments. You might as well keep the RX350 a while longer if you can.

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