Bumper/Tail Light Damage

So I guess I found a blind spot in my backup camera. Hit a supporting structure beam in a parking garage. Cracked my tail light and it came out of it’s place a bit. Dent/cosmetic damage.

Is it possible that this can be a DIY repair? And also approx how much should I be looking at for an Auto Body shop to fix? Thanks in advance.

[Photo of Damage](https://i.imgur.com/uKtZzUZ.jpg)

This is not something I would try to fix myself. Take it to a body shop for an estimate since your car is recent. You are probably looking at over $1500 of damage. Use the deductable from you car insurance(collision and upset).

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I cannot open your photo. Sorry.
This could easily be a DIY repair if you have even basic skills and tools. The repair would get more difficult if there’s sheetmetal damage, but it could still be doable. I’ve done plenty of repairs to this type of damage over the years.

Could you try reposting the photo?

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Without knowing you skills or tools you have that can’t be answered.

Just get an estimate from a body shop and you will have an accurate answer. Your location and who you use makes a difference.

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thats a few bucks

Agree. Unless you have done body work and painting before, just take it to a shop. You are going to want to get the dent repaired and repainted as much as replacing the tail light. I don’t think you’ll get out of there for less than $1000 but get a free estimate and you’ll know.

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Having now seen the photo, you have some sheetmetal damage. Take it to a pro.
I’m curious, there seems to be some lettering in the taillight lens. Is this an aftermarket taillight module?

Sometimes in the automotive world we see badging that doesn’t last or come forward with a vehicle. The 4DSC badge was a proud part of the name of the Nissan Maxima for many years, especially during the early part of the 1990s. This name was proudly displayed on the rear of the vehicle and stood for 4-Door Sports Car, which was the absolute truth of the Maxima for many years. The new 2016 model does carry in the 4DSC badging, but not prominently displayed like it was before. In this new car you have to look to the headlight and taillight lenses to find this feature which may be the story of the new Maxima.

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I learn something new every day. Today I learned about 4DSC taillights and what it means. Thanks. :grinning:

I “repaired” a broken tail-light lens ass’y on my truck one time using a variety of glues, silicone caulk, 5 minute epoxy, super-glue. What to use depends on what you are gluing and how big a gap you are dealing with. I got some replacement lens material by purchasing a cheapo trailer tail-light reflector, and used that plastic to fit into the places where it was missing on the truck’s tail-light. I also found some clear material swept off to the gutter at an intersection that has a lot of fender benders.

One tip, it’s easiest I discovered – rather than trying to cut a new piece to fit an existing hole – rather to cut a piece from the new material that’s a little bigger than the hole you want to repair, then use that to trace out the exact outline around the hole in the taillight you are fixing. Then use a dremmel tool to cut along that outline, then the replacement piece fits quite well. It didn’t look perfect, but it looked pretty good. A few years later I found a good replacement tail-light at a flea market by chance, so that’s what I’m using now. So look for a replacement tail-light from the local pick and pull first. You might get lucky. That’s the preferred method. It was a fairly time consuming repair, but not overly difficult.

George, that’s exactly the technique used for repairing sheetrock and carpeting; cut a square or circle in the new material, trace and cut the same size out of the piece being repaired, and attach. Working with clean geometric shapes is far more successful than working with the wild irregular shapes that result from damage.

Personally, I’d replace the entire light module. And probably the rear bumper skin.
I’ve repaired sheetmetal, but it’s a lot of work, careful technique, and my painting technique is obviously amateur. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Not bad, but clearly amateur.

A new tail lamp for your truck costs $19.

While a new tail lap assembly for this Maxima will cost more than $100, I wouldn’t recommend patching it, have it replaced when the body damage is repaired.

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I can’t tell from the picture very well, but in a situation like this how about trying using rubbing compound on the body work. Some of the marks might be transferred paint from whatever you hit and rubbing compound will take that off.

Ans if I’m wrong, so what? Can’t hurt that much to try.

Depending on where you live, it could easily be more than $1000. Paint blending has to go to a panel break. Expect the rear quarter panel and bumper at least to get a respray.