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DIY replacement of broken tail light cover

The driver-side glass tail light cover was broken last night by my teenage son. (Okay, that’s out of the way.)

Replacing this thing - is it within the range of a do-it-yourselfer with minimal automotive repair experience? (I can replace bulbs, change a tire).

thanks in advance!

Oops - forgot to mention - it’s a Mitsubishi Outlander, 2003.

Yes, this is certainly within the range of your skills for you to do it yourself.

Just be sure that you are in a seated position when the guy at the parts counter announces the price of that tail light lens. The price of these items can border on the obscene.

Yeah it’s an easy fix. Just access the mount screws from (I’m guessing) the back behind the plastic hiding all the other stuff the manufacturer doesn’t want you to see. So you might have to pop off some moulding and look for screws or retainers to remove the plastic cover panel. The previous poster was not kidding, I’ve seen some of those smaller red or orange tail light covers go for over a hundred bucks. You might try a junkyard, or the internet and pay half the price.

I concur that this is a good DIY project. Just wanted to add that I’ve gotten excellent aftermarket replacement parts from the VIP “crash catalog” at far less than a dealer quoted me. I think it was about 1/2 the dealer price.

Well within even the very novice skill level.

As for the lens itself…do some searching on the internet. Someone hit the lens of my 4-runner in the parking lot a couple years ago. The dealer wanted $450 for a new light assembly (can’t just replace the lens on this vehicle). I found a aftermarket lens for $80. When it arrived it was the EXACT same lens as the one I pulled off my 4runner. Made by the same manufacturer.