Buick regal

I have a 2000 buick regal and for life of me I can’t find the power steering res. to check the level. You would think it would be in plain site. Maybe someone else knows where its located. Thanks

Thanks anyway I found it. Located behind the engine on left side. Now why didn’t I think of that before!! But I’m also having trouble with the blinkers, they blink in the rear but just stay on in the front. Fuse is ok.

Maybe you need two new bulbs in the front.

Maybe, but they both work. Like I said they are on in the front, just not blinking like the rear does. Unless they’re might be something wrong with the signal flasher.
thanks for the response

Which lights are you looking at? The ones in the center are the DRLs.

Just replace the bulbs and that should take care of it. They’re only a dollar or so. I can’t explain it but if one of the elements in one of the bulbs go, it can affect how others operate. Worth looking at all of them if the lights haven’t been maintained.