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1995 Buick Regal Custom 3.1 electrical

Hello, I recently helped a friend get a '95 regal custom 3.1 with 178k miles and the only issue I cant figure out on my own is that the back up lights never come on when either shifting into reverse or through it. I’ve checked all of the fuses and replaced the bulbs and still not even a flicker.

I have researched online a bit and my only idea is it could be the back-up light switch/neutral position switch… Would that be an accurate guess? And if so where at on the vehicle would that switch be located?

Thank You.

Yes. It’s the park/neutral safety and reverse light switch.

Look on top of the transaxle where shift linkage connects to the transaxle rod. On that rod is the switch. Remove the shift linkage from the transaxle rod and then remove the switch.


Could be a faulty switch. It’s located on the transmission where the shift linkage enters the case. You’ll need to remove the shift cable and lever from the transmission.

Before you do that check for power and ground at the light sockets. Could also be a poor wiring connection somewhere.