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Blinkers not blinking

I have a 1998 Buick Regal and the blinkers don’t blink nor do the running lights run though there are no burned out light bulbs! Also coincidentially? my ignition wants to hold onto my key when I try to extract it, not always but sometimes. My intuition tells me these two are somehow connected. Any help out there?

Have you checked the fuses? How about the flashers?

Its kinda hard to tell without being there. Anyway, absolutely check your flasher and fuses to begin with just in case the two problems aren’t related. But, my experience tells me that your ignition switch has worn out. And, they will do that. Especially in a GM product. Don’t confuse the tumbler (Where the key goes) and the switch. The actual switch is in the dashboard just under the steering wheel (In most cars). YOU only have the tumbler and the actuater rod in the steering wheel. The switch itself is plastic and will just ware out over time. I can’t tell you exactly where the switch is or what it looks like because I’ve been working on trucks too long and haven’t kept up with cars. With a chilton book and a few tools you can probably find the switch and replace it yourself.
Now, there is the odd chance that you have too many keys on your key ring and the tumbler wore out prematurely. It is a rare thing, so don’t worry about that if you don’t have a lot of keys on your ring. Just keep this in mind if the ignition is still stiff after replacement. And if so, just break down and take the car to an honest shop. You’ll just be curseing at the car and throwing tools if you try and do that job yourself.

also check the fluid

Yes, that blinker fluid is much more of a problem than most people realize. I just happen to have a few hundred bottles of it available. Just send cash and I will promptly ship a supply to you.

the key problem may indeed be related. but is the key you are using a factory original key, or a copy?

find the best condition key you have and try that one. keys DO wear out and get chewed up. that woudl be the cheapest thing to do first, try another key.

you mention running lights. do you mean the daytime headlights? of the stop, turn, and side clearance lights?

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