Buick LaSabre 2000 Remote entry does not work until the engine cools down

I don’t get it. Usually after I’ve driven the car, either of the remotes (I’ve changed batteries on both) do not work. However, if I go into a store and come out 10 minutes later, both remotes will lock, unlock, open the trunk, sound the emergency horn without any problems.

I’ve even replaced the Keyless Entry Theft Cont Module, which is basically the Remote Entry receiver located in the trunk. I still have the exact same problem with the new receiver.

The remote fobs have new batteries, and one is brand new and programmed with a GM Tech Tool II. The system’s receiver is new.

What else could it be. Why does the remote entry only work when the car has been sitting idyll for a while.

Perhaps a “door closed” switch is getting balky. Try spraying WD40 on all the door latch mechanisms.

I don’t know how the car knows whether a door is closed or not. There is no door closed switch that I can see. No button anywhere in the door jam.

The switch is probably part of the latch mechanism.