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Remote doesn't lock/unlock doors

'13 Accord Sport
4k miles

These frigid WI temps are horrible. I did end up washing my car last weekend because it was full of salt. This morning I pressed the lock on my remote 2 times, nothing happened. Normally the horn sounds off once and the lights flash. I seen the lights flash, but there was no sound coming from the horn…frozen locks?

I came home after work and tried it again. Works fine now.

Sounds like a reasonable hypothesis to me.

I would open it up and clean the battery contacts for the remote.

Why didn’t you drive your car to work? You don’t need the FOB.

I drove it to work. This happened at my work parking lot.

It’s also possible that the FOB’s battery is getting weak.

I take it that the FOB was in your pocket so it was not that cold. There is really no reason that it shouldn’t have worked, or at least tried to work.

"It’s also possible that the FOB’s battery is getting weak. "

A distinct possibility. Presumably the FOB was not left out in the cold? If it was, the weak-ish batteries + cold = not enough battery to do the job

No the fob is always indoors

Did the pushbutton start work?

V6 only has push button. The Sport model doesn’t.

Usually the batteries in the FOB lasts longer than a year. Your hypothesis is probably correct. However, we had both FOBs on our 2003 4Runner doing what your FOB is doing. For a total price of under $5, I bought replacement batteries at WalMart (found them in the jewelry section) and even in this frigid weather have had no more problem. If your problem reoccurs, buy new batteries. They are cheap and easy to install.

If the lights flashed, the car received the signal. This would rule out the battery in the key fob. If the horn works normally but didn’t in this instance, I would think that you had some kind of glitch with the body controller module or other module that handles the remote functions. It might have somehow been water that got in to something, or possibly extreme cold. Extreme cold wreaks havoc with all kinds of things.

Another possibility is that the car battery was low or a poor connection existed somewhere so that there was enough power for the system to be “conscious” and receive the signal, but not enough to actuate the horn or locks. Checking and cleaning the battery terminals is probably a good idea, as someone else has mentioned.