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Buick Blower won't stop!

I have a 98 Buick LeSabre Limited with digital climate control. My current problem is that the blower motor runs continuously at what sounds like high speed. I can’t control the speed or shut it off, even when the key is turned off.

About 3 years ago I replaced the digital control on the dash and the blower control module but that time the blower would not work at all and the digital display was out.

Currently the digital display works and I can select a temperature setting and get heat or AC but the blower runs at constant speed no matter what speed is selected.

Is this a faulty blower control module? How can I trouble shoot this.

Thanks for any help.

Dennis B

Tap the blower control module. If the fan stops then replace the module. If it keeps running…replace the module. The blower control module is the only thing I see in the circuit that would keep the fan running. I don’t believe the digital climate control units use a blower motor relay.

Make sure no one has installed an after blow kit (that helps with eveporator mildew build up) these after blow kits were popular in the late 90’s and I installed many of them per GM TSB’s.

I agree. The only thing that makes me hesitate is the fact that the blower keeps running even with the key off. Is there supposed to be power to the control module even with the key off?

Thanks. No blow kit. I’ve had the car since new and nothing like that has been installed.

The trouble is most likely due to a shorted solid state speed control module. The module controls the power to the motor and they sometimes short to power which causes the problem you described. You can locate the module by following the wires back from the motor. They should tie to the module screwed to the ducting. They cost about 100 dollars to replace.

Yes. The module has 12vdc power all the time. The module allows the vehicle digital climate control circuit to work without a relay.

Okay! The blower control module did the trick. A little disappointing since this is the second one I have replaced in the last couple of years, but, it did fix it.

Thanks to all!

Pull the fuse for the blower to shut it off. If the module is stuck it will continue running. Mine stuck on and I pulled the fuse and it reset and has been fine for four years now. Otherwise replace the module.

Mine was bad and I shopped around until I found one with a lifetime warranty. Make sure you do not lose the paperwork.

Just wondering My mom has the same car but a custom with manual and hers is doing the same thing. Would it still be this control module or something else?

If it were my car, I’d bet the $100 on the replacement part. I have an 01 Grand Am and I’ve replaced it twice (once with a AC Delco replacement and about a year later with an aftermarket). Apprarently these didn’t win GM any awards…