'02 Town and Country blower motor wont stop running



Any ideas where to start looking into why the blower keeps running. Turn it off and it kicks into high fan… so I keep it running (it’s quieter that way).


Defective switch?


Is your HVAC system electronically-controlled or does it have a simple set of switches and dials? In other words do you set a temperature, digitally?


If you have the type of speed control that is variable instead of stepped then you may have a solid state speed control that is shorted. If the speed control is still working then there may be a problem with a relay to the speed control.

I have the factory manual for this van since I own one also. I will be back home tomorrow if you need further help wiht this.


Yes this is a digital controlled unit. The speed control does work for the most part, but has some weirdness in that… when the hvac is off the blower is on high. when I just turn the fan speed down it kicks into hvac mode and the fan speed will drop as you turn the knob. However, you can not turn the speed higher afterward (i have to hit off then adjust to what i want it at). Do you have an idea where the relay is? I can check that and maybe swap with another if there is one of same elsewhere… or maybe just buy one if they don’t cost much (the one for my wrangler was only $12).


From what you now say here it would seem there may be a problem with the HVAC control module and not the speed control unit. I’m not sure why you can decrease the speed and not increase it but to me it would point to the control module as the problem and that would be expensive, for a new one at least. If that proves to be true there may be some places you can get it repaired.

The blower relay is probably in the power distribution panel under the hood.


I think i’ll check the relay and then if that’s not it i’ll call around and see who can fix a control module.


Are you saying the thermostat is digital but the fan speed control has a knob? How many speeds are there?
Without more information, it could be either a regular multi-speed motor or a VS (variable speed) motor. I think it’s a VS since it would be very unusual for a normal multi-speed motor with a knob control to fail like that. Your problem is likely a broken wire from the thermostat to the control unit or from the control unit to the motor’s electronic module.


Now that I’m back home I will check my manual to see what it says about the way power is run to the blower.