Blower motor

I have a 2004 Cadillac SLS vin Y

My problem is my blower motor runs all the time at a medium speed and when I turn the car off the blower motor still runs.(won’t shut off) Can anyone tell me what they think it is.

Thank You Chris

Does your car have the fancy electronic system or the old system where you move switches and levers?

No switches or levers its all Digital…


Do you mean the electric radiator fan, or the heater/AC blower motor?

The trouble you are having is most likely due to a damaged motor speed controller. It’s a solid state unit instead of the traditional resistors used to control the blower speed so you have variable speeds instead of fixed speeds. The units can short and cause the motor to run all the time or open and then the motor doesn’t work at all. They are tied to constant power so that is why they can run even with the ignition OFF when they fail.

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I will install a blower control module and go from there… I will let you know the results

Thanks Again

Can you tell me where its located, I bought one but can’t locate the old one.

Thank you

I’m sorry, I don’t know specifically for your car. (Maybe someone who does will answer.) Meanwhile, locate the blower motor and trace the wires from it. Normally, the speed controller would be near the blower, somewhere in the airstream from the blower to keep it cool.

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I replaced the blower control module and it workssss Thank You So much!


You should keep in mind that a blower control module can also be damaged by long term running (defined as a year or so) of a worn and dragging blower motor.

You’re welcome for the help Chris. Thanks for the feedback on this. OK4450 brings up a good point about the motor. It might be wise to have the current checked on the blower motor to make sure it is within spec. You don’t want to have to replace the module again. By replacing the fuse to the blower with an ammeter you should be able to check the current. You need to be able to handle up to 15 amps of current possibly if you do this.