2003 Buick Century

I wrote before about gas tank not showing amount that was not covered by changing the front panel, but now after the mechanic replaced the front Panel end of April the Service engine light, anti lock and tract light are intermittently coming on again. Maybe once or twice a week. I took it back to the mechanic because I have a warranty and now they said it is a different problem not anything to do to replacing the panel that cost $970.00. They said they cannot have a crystal ball on what electrical problem can come up. They were going to charge me for a diagnosis, but said after a second call, they would do the diagnosis for free, but since the panel only corrected the mileage portion and brake light, should I have been advised the other lights may come on after the panel was replaced?.


“Front panel” . . . do you mean the instrument cluster . . . the gauges, in other words?

Yes that is what they replaced the instrument cluster, the gauges. It fixed the mileage gauge when did not work before and in fact I could not even read it, can now. Now the service engine, anti lock on left and tract light on right still come one now and then. If they come on and I turn off the car and start it again they may stay off for a long time. As I mentioned in my last comment, the company is returning my money. Service Engine on the Right light and brake light do not come on when these other lights come on.


You are dealing with a very nice company

The fact that all those warning lights come on suggests to me that you have multiple problems.

I would say the instrument cluster is just doing its job.

Don’t shoot the messenger

Very important question . . .

Were the warning lights on BEFORE replacing the cluster?

So, realistically, you always had more than 1 problem