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Brown's Gas

Has anyone installed any of the brown’s gas type Electrolysis systems in their own cars with computerized emission controls and fuel injection? Is the $100-$500 cost worth it? Is there any damage to the battery and other components?

Brown’s gas is nothing more than the hydrogen-oxygen mixture obtained by electrolyzing water. For the historically minded it is named after after Yull Brown who received a utility patent for a series cell common-ducted electrolyzer in 1977 and 1978.

From Wikipedia,

"HHO gas, or Klein gas, is an oxyhydrogen mixture made by water electrolysis, which has been trademarked Aquygen by the firm Hydrogen Technology Applications. Dennis Klein’s patent states that his electrolyzer differs from Yull Brown’s in that it lacks the electric arc feature. The claimed applications of HHO are practically indistinguishable from the original claims of Yull Brown. The HHO trademark is associated with an unproven state of matter called magnegases, and a discredited theory about magnecules, which is the basis for a number of fraudulent claims, and third party water-fuelled car scam attempts.

You ask if anyone here has installed the silly device? No, and we don’t respond to the Nigerian oil minister either. Let someone else collect the $10 million.

Well put, Steve. You’ve had a lot of practice. ;’)

I thank you for your opinion

[b] HHO gas [/b] As I recall from my chemistry classes of 40 years ago, that would be 2H? O?  :-)

Hey - I installed a home-made HHO Generator (Brown’s gas) in my '93 Chev Astro van, the old Floppy-Jalopy, and am continually astonished by the success in gas savings…I’ve had no problems, battery or otherwise - I put $20 gas in the car 4 weeks ago and still have about 1/8 tabnk left today! The needle just doesn’t move! Incidentally, the cost of constructing the thing was a total of about $6 (yes SIX BUCKS, American) with some this-and that I had around the house and garage, and a couple things from the dollar store and Ace Hardware. Anyone can drop me a line anytime, it’s: - drop me a line and ask more if you like :o)Mark

Brown gas usually requires a change in underwear. Not sure how well it would burn however. Could clog the fuel injectors.

Well, 058mph, I’d respond with what I actually think, but when I do that my asterisk key breaks and my post gets removed. So I’ll just say it’s not worth it - if it actually worked as claimed, every car manufacturer would be using it by now. Since they aren’t, it doesn’t. Plus, if it worked, the ‘inventor’ would get more money selling to GM or Ford, than they ever would selling to random people over the internet. Since GM or Ford haven’t bought up the rights to it, well, again, shows it doesn’t work. So don’t waste your money. Or, just send $500 to me - it’ll help your gas mileage just the same.

SPAM by any other name is SPAM

That 100~500 price tag will buy a lot of REAL gas