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HHO generators

I want to know any practical info on HHO generators. Do they Work? How much extra mileage? Any potential Problems?

Nice try.

DiHydrogen Mono Oxide generators are available from

Do they work? The only work they do is lighten your wallet. HHO is a fancy way of saying water. These devices maybe will generate some hydrogen and oxygen gas through electrolysis, but not near enough to make any difference. Electrolysis method of extracting gas from water takes excessive amounts of electricity to generate a decent amount of gas, and much more energy is needed than can be generated by combustion.

How much extra mileage? Absolutely none.

Any potential problems? I see another chance for vacuum leaks, electrical shorts, and a waste of time.

It takes energy to separate hydrogen and oxygen. The same amount you will get when you put them back together. I have found a way to make it go on forever and produce free energy using an old peanut butter jar. Send me your money.

They were invented by people who realize there are always some f***heads out there that have no brain and believe this s***. It never ceases to amaze me how f***ing stupid some people are who believe in these worthless things. Some people really are f***heads. Did they never go to school or something?

LOL, the check is written! Where do I send? Where do I send?!! :slight_smile:

…the only F***HEADS are the ones who haven’t tried it…read my other replies on here to “Brown’s Gas” and “HHO Generators”

I read your other replies and they all have the smell of a SPAMMER. Sorry if I am wrong and you have been taken advantage of.

have you tried logging into the web site…you end up on page!

I guess 99.99999999999999999999999999999999% of this website is F***heads. :stuck_out_tongue:

Didn’t your neighbor mess up their truck thanks to you installing that crap on his truck?

I think this is the longest we’ve been able to have a conversation using the word ‘f***head’ without the posts being removed.