Broken camshaft


I have a 350 chey 84 model truck that the cam shat is broken in. The break is just bast the second row of cylinders any suggestions on how to remove with out removing engine from truck.


Theoretically you should be able to pull the camshaft if you remove the grill, rad, inlet manifold, rocker gear, lifters and timing cover. But that’s for an intact camshaft. A broken camshaft could be a little trickier, the front piece being reasonably straight forward, the broken piece inside the engine being a little more challenging.

You need to be very careful not to damage the camshaft bearings as you withdraw the cam, this can be difficult even with a an intact cam, I use a bent coat hanger to support the back end of the cam as I ~ very carefully ~ withdraw it. Either way, you have a job on your hands.

~ why did the cam snap anyway ?


Boy! That’s a tough one! But here’s what you might try.

Remove the forward section of the broken camshaft. Clean the broken sections of the camshaft with brake parts cleaner both inside the block and on the section removed. Apply some JB weld on the broken end of camshaft that was removed. Reinstall this section of the camshaft back into the engine so that it butts up against the section that’s still in the block. Let this sit for 24 hours. Now try removing the camshaft and see if the JB weld will hold onto the broken section inside the block so it can also be removed.



Yep, dynnomite! Push the heap into a lake and play dumb for the next 50 years like Kennedy.


You will probably need new cam bearings. The tranny must be removed to get to the back freeze plug. So, you might as well pull the engine. The alterative is to remove the radiator, condenser, and maybe the grill as well.


Be carefull on how much JB Weld you put on. If to much it may have enough squeeze out that may interfere when you try to remove the cam.