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Broken camshaft 2004 Nissan xtrail PLEASE HELP!

Hi all I have a 2004 Nissan xtrail.
It got stolen and the pricks put a bolt in the oil filler hole and broke the camshaft :confused:
Have taken the rocker cover off and all the valves go up and down and look fine when turned over do you think I could just replace the camshaft?
Please reply ASAP.
Thanks heaps

You could TRY that, but once a car has been trashed, who knows what else they did?? It could be a long, expensive process of discovery…

If the valves all go up and down just fine, what makes you think you have a broken camshaft?

OLDTIMER…took the words right out of my mouth… Sounds like your camshaft is NOT broken…this is what actuates the valves…i.e. they wouldnt go up n down if your cam snapped… In fact…you may not have suffered ANY engine damage at all actually. I would change the oil…bec who knows what they did If they went thru the trouble of putting a bolt in the oil filler hole…that means they are trying to destroy your engine for some reason…what else did they do that you dont know of…

Here is what I would do if I were you… Look for a fuel tank drain bolt…USE IT… or empty fuel tank via syphon…

change your engine oil and filter…

I say this so you can regain some peace of mind… You need to know your fuel and oil integrity BEFORE you keep driving this vehicle…OR YOU MIGHT DESTROY YOUR ENGINE…just like the dirtbags wanted you to do…

We do need an answer about the cam and this ‚Äúbolt‚Ä̂Ķwhat kind of bolt was it‚Ķyou sure it didnt come FROM your own engine? Did you start the engine? did it run? Oldtimer hit it right on the head‚Ķbec valve movement means the cam is moving the valves‚Ķ let us know‚Ķ and PICTURES WILL HELP IMMEASURABLY‚Ķ

Give us one with the valve cover OFF…and a pic of the bolt please… we can help you MUCH better then…and with more info


What have you seen that IS broken?