1993 camaro 3.8

i need to take the head off i took the bolts off but the head wont move

You need some auto repair manual, one specific for your car would be best. The head has adhesive to seal the gasket. That means you’ll need to pry the head away from the block - carefully. Then you need to remove all the old gasket material(s) and adhesive before putting it back together again.

A manual can give you more specifics and better warnings on how to proceed without damage to the head and/or block.

Take a block of wood place it on the head. Now take a big hammer and smack the other end of the block of wood to break the seal at the head gasket between the head and block.


Are you SURE you got all the head bolts? Sometimes they hide under or rather between valves. If you did get all the bolts out and the exhaust manifold is off…You need some gentle “persuasion” I always use a nice prybar on stubborn cylinder heads. REMEMBER do NOT pry sideways…as there are dowels inserted in the head to prevent it from being misalligned so it will not go sideways nor take kindly to sideway pressure. You need to pry up on one of the far edges. Dont damage the head or the block and do not put the prybar far under the head…just the edges. It will come free after you pry up on it properly. I often pull mine with a cherry picker…works great with a slight prying and the picker.

Another old trick is to reconnect the exhaust manifold and jack up that side of the exhaust from under the car…that will provide the prying upward force you need…you will figure it out. Take it slow and pry properly.