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Broken alarm remote, can not unlock car

I have a Kia Spectra5 2006, purchased use. So I am pretty sure the dealer installed their own alarm. So anyways, 7 years later and the remote got water and seems to be not working ( the light stays on or doesnt go on at all- I thought maybe it was the battery). Of course, there we never got a spare.

From past XP, if i recall correctly…Sure, I can unlock the car with the key, but the alarm is still active and will go off, the car wont start untill the alarm is turned off. So, whats the best option?- getting someone who knows where the wires are, and opening the door and cutting the alarm? ( we can not open the hood without getting in first). Maybe just call the dealer we got it from and see their suggestion? Yeah I can not imagine too many options.
I apperciate any ideas, thanks.

Maybe just call the dealer we got it from and see their suggestion?

Good idea.

As @insightful said call a kia dealer and see what they say.
If you you purchased this from anyone other than a Kia dealer, I would skip calling them and sticking with the Kia dealer. Many alarm systems can only be serviced by the dealership for that particular brand.

My experience is that when you insert the key into the ignition the alarm should disarm.
But I could be wrong.

You may have to have the car towed to a Kia dealer to get this fixed.


Every car is different, so best to ask a pro first, but if this happened to one of my own cars I’d open the door with the key, pop the hood, and disconnect the battery negative. Then I’d disable the add-on alarm system or remove it entirely.