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Jersey, Nov. 11 report:

the case in the absence of Wayne Rooney,Brian Campbell Jersey, Dimitar Berbatov Manchester United in the derby naturally become the largest attack relying on,Marian Hossa Jersey, but the first 100 people on behalf of the Bulgarian Red Devils played so Ferguson disappointed,Jeremy Roenick Jersey, and he spent a lot of play out live,Wendel Clark Jersey, but the efficiency of lacking a game which failed to score after the war has been going into the shortage of eight.

starting the last round, when Ferguson put to Hernandez,Colton Orr Jersey, there have been sharp mind, Berbatov will be the Derby starting forward. The Just play out a foot opening Ababa to pull the ball extraordinary things, it seems in good shape,Bryan Mccabe Jersey, ready to give their own tribute to the show a hundred.

but his fame as Houbei Ba into the long routine: handsome enough,Duncan Keith Jersey, not efficiency. The campaign should be said that Manchester United as the only starting striker, Bulgarian brilliant footJersey to the ball and retaining the ball, creating many opportunities for his teammates: the first 16 minutes after the extraordinary row left rib cage Ababa Hui Qiao,Maxime Talbot Jersey, Michael Carrick missed long-range; the first 20 minutes he was on the right side interspersed post moves to attract two defenders to the Raphael pressure on space.

Ababa The campaign is the most graceful performance in 21 minutes, when he was near the retracement to get the ball in the circle, first one foot pull a button, after the looting of Bari, and then cross with a trip over one another,Mike Knuble Jersey, and then suddenly a two-step and trip,Brent Sopel Jersey, and throw off all defense. But this series of graceful movements,Glean Hall Jersey, did not give the slightest attack Manchester United bring results.

If the theory of scoring chances,Mike Green Jersey, Berbatov also count a lot, such as the first 40 minutes pass in the left-to-back Patrice Evra point unmarked Berbatov has sufficient processor space and time, but Bulgarian people still choose clear, ranging from the ball he hit bounced landing the ball on the volley Dianshe, but the forces are too light,Rick Rypien Jersey, not to create any trouble Hart and easily get the ball.

57th minute right-sided biography Brown, Ababa Road,Tie Domi Jersey, two steps back is half turned to volley shot too, was Hart get,Luke Schenn Jersey, the more he seems to be back the ball to a teammate to do,Chris Kunitz Jersey, or wait for the ball opportunities. Almost disappeared with the Houbei Ba, Sir Alex Ferguson's first active substitutions,Vesa Toskala Jersey, it is also replacing the mediocrity with Hernandez striker, Dimitar Berbatov's first Manchester United 100 games show to an end.

The campaign Ababa 27 31 pass successfully, there is no one key to passing,Daniel Sedin Jersey, shooting 2 shot are 1, 2 headers all failed, can hardly be efficient. 'd Extraordinary level of chic in the expression data is very good, 2 extraordinary all the success, the audience most.

nothing in the derby, let Berbatov 8 consecutive games did not score. In fact,PK Subban Jersey, state of the Bulgarian people start of the season lifted the contribution of the first 6 games,Kris Versteeg Jersey, 7 goals,Tim Horton Jersey, including a brace against West Ham and Liverpool's hat-trick. But the handsome brother of the goals seemed transported with the Red Army on September 19 the exhaustion of the English Derby, then 6, Premier League, Champions League 2, no gain,Sergei Gonchar Jersey, only contributions in the battle against West Brom assists. This state continues to Berbatov,Evgeni Malkin Jersey, Manchester United's offensive line is really a bit worrying.

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