Special SUV Available

Good news for football fans in North Florida and maybe still in New England. Tom Brady is selling his heavily customized Escalade. C’mon Bucs fans, you know you want to feel closer to Tom Terrific. Maybe you Pats fans want a keepsake of Brady’s years with the team. You can have it now for a mere $300,000. CSA, you can win friends and influence thousands with that Caddy. Think how great it will look in the parking garage at your condo. Plenty of room for your golf clubs. I don’t know about you, but I was shocked to see a used late model car, even a customized one, going for that much. I guess we will see if Brady’s celebrity carries that much cache. Any comments?

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A used car salesman I knew said there is an ass for every seat.


It is not like Brady is on job furlough or out of work because of this terrible Virus . He could do an online auction and donate the proceeds to charity and take a tax deduction .

Maybe he will. There was no word on what he would do with the money if he sells it.

The builder has several others available on the website for equally shocking prices. $275,000 for one a year older with 1,700 miles. Range Rover LWB’s can list for as much as $250,000


When I saw the $300,000 CSA, I first thought it was Confederate States of America. When I was a child there was still a lot of it around and it was worthless. Now currency collectors snap it up. Unless that is one of the collectables that became almost worthless in 2008. I don’t keep track because if it is valuable, I don’t have any.

Nah, I just mentioned @common-sense-answer because he’s a fun guy, and I though he might like to come out and joke around with it.

A totally different world than the one we live in.

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I’m a big fan of the GOAT, but that price is beyond stupid. I’ve never been one to pay for nostalgia.

We’d never get to ride in the back, anyway.

This is close to what my house is worth. There is a market but not for me.