Broken door handle on double-ought Odyssey


The driver’s side door handle on my car is broken from the outside - the inner handle still works, but the outer one is deader than George Washington’s cat. How much will this cost to fix (ballpark)? Worth it, or should I just continue parking with my window open all the way and just reaching inside to use the inner handle?


Normally what happens is that the little rod that attaches the outer handle to the latch assembly comes loose; either because a plastic clip broke or the rod simply disconnected.
This is common on many cars; not just Honda.

It’s usually not a major repair if this is the case and I don’t see it as being more than say an hour of labor. Door panel has to come off before it can be determined exactly what the fault is.


In some cases there is actual breakage of metal. You will need a replacement handle from the dealer. But the approach to repair is the same in any case: the inner panel must come off. If you are adventurous you can attempt your own repair. It is not a high-tech job.


Hope you have small hands and patience. if this is your first door panel and first handle concern it could tie up some of your time.Dont break any of the clips usually a dealer item if replacement needed. Same for most door hardware (unless you like the junkyard)