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Smashed window, now door won't open

My '03 Honda Pilot was broken into the other day. Front passenger side window was smashed in. Initially, the door opened and then suddenly it doesn’t. The glass repair guy couldn’t replace the window without opening the door, but he didn’t know how to open it.

Any tips on how to open this door?

Slim jim usually works. In our city the police or a competent locksmith or tow truck driver can do it. I would recommend a locksmith.

Glass repair guy ???
Try an all around true body shop.
My body guy, Henry, knows all the tricks…that’s why I pay him well.

90 something Nissan sentra.
Passenger door is locked and will not un-lock.
inside door handle will not open door like it used to.
I spent a half hour trying to slim jim to get the door open , to get the trim panel off, to work on it.
– no luck with slim jim – wouldn’t budge.
I call Henry over from the body shop to this parking lot where the car is and I go back inside to my work station.
10 minutes later…10 MINUTES I kid you not…
Henry returns…’‘All fixed’’ !

You have glass shards and pieces in the latch.
A very skinny vacuum or , pick the whole car upside down and shake it all out :slight_smile:

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Probably some broken glass has fallen into the door and jammed the latch mechanism…I agree, a body shop has the skills to open it without making the problem worse…

Worst case, the passenger seat will have to be removed so the door-panel can be removed and the door opened that way…

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It’s also very possible that the theif messed with your door lock before getting frustrated and smash your window. A body shop could probably open it for you, and once you get it opened the inner panel will have to be removed and the lock checked for damage. You may end up putting new lock cylinders in .

Sincere best.

Probably broken glass wedged in the door latch mechanism.

Try wrapping a rubber mallet with a towel and bang on the door skin while operating the door handle to see if the broken glass falls off the door latch mechanism.


I know this is old but just wondering if there is a DIY fix for this that the original poster found? I am in exact same situation with Honda Pilot, smashed glass, door is stuck. I vacuumed everything I could and tried rattling more glass loose.

@spencer_nelson_159464 Did you not read the post where it said that a body shop person solved this problem on another vehicle with the same problem . Just call a local body shop.

Yes I read that comment, and if you read my post I asked specifically if there is a DIY fix, so that I can try to fix it myself before taking it to a body shop. Thanks.


I would try @Tester’s advice above from 7 years ago:

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Take out the seat next to the broken window, then take off the inner panel of the door and clean out the glass.

Or just use the side of your fist. Pound (don’t go overboard here) just above the handle while you wiggle the handle back and forth.

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Just for reference if anyone else runs into this problem or something similar.

I was able to remove the door panel from the inside without taking my seat out. After removing all the fasteners, I had to carefully pry the outer edge of the panel that gets sealed when the door is closed, and then force the entire panel upward and out. That gave access to the entire lock mechanism. Then I used an air compressor to get in close, and while blasting it with air I repeatedly moved the latch/lock mechanism around, which after about 10 minutes unstuck it and the door opened.


Oh my God, thank you. Exact same thing, 03 Honda pilot, broken window, door won’t open. I actually dremeled the plastic to access the rear gate lock, blew on it with an air compressor while my wife jiggled it. Opened after about 15 seconds. It was like black magic. I was on the verge of blowtorching to melt the lock and just getting a new one.

Amazing! If magic is real than this is it.

I know it’s old, but for any future DIYer… eye protection is probably a good idea when using an air compressor to clean up glass pieces.