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Break light

I have my brake light is on all the time and the warning light brake fluid low is also on, I checked brake pads , and brake fluid is on normal level and working well what is causing this light on

Check the emergency brake and make sure it is released all the way and the switch isn’t sticking.

Which brake light is on, the one on the dash, or the one that warns other drivers?

Hard to answer without knowing what kind of car you drive. Some vehicles have a brake light sw. that is operated mechanically by the peddle mechanism. Some have a hydraulic pressure sw. built into the fluid line. all I know of have separate circuits for the rear brake lights and the hand brake indicator light. Any of these switchs can stick, or fail internally to give you constant brake or indicator lights on. Eventually this will kill your battery, so you do need to dope out which sw. is causing the problem and get it fixed. the brake fluid resivoir also has an indicator that will warn of low fluid, and it too can fail. It is not common for two unrelated brake problems to occur at the same time, so you should also check the wire harness for shorts.