Bravada 2003 Smart Trek

The Smart Trek went out,still under warranty,94K miles. Dealer replaced the front differential. Car now has 151K and no 4WD. Local mechanic looked at it,said it wasnt engaging. Now What?

I am guessing it is no longer under warranty, and since you have not mentioned anything out of the ordinary, I would guess you are going to pay for some expensive repairs.

Check to make sure you are not under some sort of warranty. The repair might have it’s own warranty so it might be covered, but don’t count on it. You will need to has someone check it out.

Was any maintenance down since it was new other than the repair at 94,000 miles?

I bought the car with 31K miiles on it in 06. It required a new fan clutch in 07 in 06 it had the encoder sensor replaced.