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Mini 2004

just done with my warranty. had a flat tire and had it changed at mini. they say i also have an oil leak, worn strut mounts and need to fix control arm bushings. does this all make sense as normal wear and tear? i have only 18,000 and don’t drive it that much, except to get my kid to games etc.

I bet that the oil leak is a warranty item. The worn strut mounts and control arm bushings are wear and tear items. I’d get a second opinion on them. It is way too early for that sort of work. Maybe you should tell them to fix them only if it is warranty work. too.

The dealer will never tell you that a leak, or wear, is no more than the normal amount. Their implication (maybe, even stated), is that every imperfection has to be made perfect. It doesn’t. An independent shop will, usually, not push repairs of minor imperfections. Try them. Your wallet will love you.