Brakes on car

I just got new brakes installed in my car a couple of weeks ago. When I come to a complete stop my brakes make this really loud sound. But they only make it at a complete stop. I did the bedding in process and even took it back to the mechanic. He said to wait a couple of hundred miles because they are new brakes but now the noise is louder like something is rubbing against it.

So what noise does it make? Is it a grinding noise? A groaning noise? A high pitched squeal? A moaning noise? A chirping noise?

Tell me which noise it makes and which end of the car got new brakes and I’ll advise.

You might also record the sound and post it. This is best done by a passenger while the driver attends to stopping, unless you do it in a wide open area, like an empty parking lot.

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A high pitched squeal and I got all new brake pads and rotors