New rear brakes making a grinding noise around 15-25 mph and while breaking

My car came back from the shop yesterday with new brakes and pads and seems to be making some odd noises, both at low speeds and while breaking. I called the shop this morning and they said that this sound was normal for awhile but to come back in a week if it persists. Is this sound advice, or should I be driving my car right back to the shop?

Just took it out to the store. It actually doesn’t make any more noise while breaking, it’s just at low speeds, and seems to be louder while turning.

Year, make, model, mileage?

2005 Hyundai Tucson 122,000 miles

Actually, everything pretty much makes a sound when breaking. Braking is a different matter.

Yes, sorry for that typo. While braking there is no actual grinding noise, only at low speeds and especially while turning at low speeds do the breaks seem to grind.

It’s hard to say what is normal without hearing it ourselves. The fact that one of the noises has gone away might indicate the other noise will go away shortly. I would wait a week and see if it continues to get better.