Noise with new brakes

Hey everyone

So about 6 months ago I got new brakes on my car (2009 Hyundai Elantra). It was done by a independent repair shop. A few weeks later the brakes started making really weird noises, so I took it back to the shop and they took a look at them and they said everything seemed to be fine. So the next couple weeks there was no noise, but after a month or so the same thing happened again, I took them back to the shop they said everything looked fine and the noise stopped once again, but after a couple months later this happened again! and its been frustrating. So when I took it to the dealership for oil change, I asked the guy to check the brakes for me and he said everything looked good, but if I had them changed in an independent repair shop they probably put generic ones which don’t have some kind of lubricant that keeps them from making noises, that this happens sometimes, and if I wanted to fix it, new brakes had to be installed and they need to be the dealership brand which is for Hyundai cars.

How true is this? I’m very naive when it comes to cars so I don’t know whats going on.

That’s not true.

You can install aftermarket brake pads and rotors. But you have to make sure that they meet or exceed the Original Equipment Manufacturers specifications.

So they may have installed cheap brake components to increase they’re profit margin and that’s what’s causing the brake noise.

I have never installed dealer brake components in all the years I’ve been replacing brakes. And have yet to have a come-back due to brake noise.


What is so hard about using the word BRAKE to describe those things that stop a vehicle?

Brake pad lining materials are a lot of complicated formulas that work well for some cars and driving styles and not others. There are good ones and cheap ones. They meet the specifications for the parts but the quality still varies from the manufacturers part. They all will stop the car but not all brands will be quiet doing so. They can squeal, moan, grind, chirp, hoot and make a lot of other noises (that you didn’t describe) that don’t hurt the ability to stop the car but are annoying. Or they might not make a sound at all. Heck, even the parts from the dealer can be noisy for the way you drive.

Your brakes have been checked and have been found to be OK. That means they will stop your car. Removing the “annoying” probably means changing the brake pads again to a better quality part as well as running some sandpaper over the brake disk to clean it up. It won’t be free. Your choice.

Yeah who knows what kind of pads they installed. The brake compound many times is responsible for noises. Also when you install pads you should use the proper brake grease as well as “Pad Quiet” compound on the back of the pads to eliminate noise. I always use a small amount of Permatex Ultra Black gasket maker on the back of my pads…and they never make noise…

I cant stand brake noise… Methinks this shop either didn’t install the bad backings or didnt use any kind of pad quiet material…which is stoopit. Easy enough to remedy tho.


What kind of noise; chirp, squeak , grind, groan?

What does new brakes mean? Brake pads only? Brake rotors serviced by machining or replacing them?

When the noise happens, is it on the first drive of the day?

Since it comes and goes like that, I’m thinking maybe there’s rust forming on the rotor. OP, do you notice the noise happens more the next few days after you’ve driven in rainy weather?

Is the shop doing anything that the noise goes away? I am thinking they use some lubricant to make the noise go away and when it burns off, the noise is back.

The only time I have had a problem with aftermarket brake parts, it has been the lowest quality/cheap ones. When you upgrade to decent quality/brand, the noise goes away. This has happened when I have had to fix friend’s cars as I don’t cheap out on parts.

You might have to have another shop redo the work with quality parts, that is if you don’t want to tackle it yourself.

Some brake noise is caused by brake dust buildup. The shop might be spraying them off with “brake cleaner” and sending you on your way. For a few bucks you could buy a can and try it yourself.

“That’s not true.”

I’m going with Tester on this one. If it was cheap brakes…the noise would be there 24/7.

If the noise(?) occurs the first few minutes of driving each morning but disappears for the rest of the day could your rotors be rusting? High humidity on the polished rotors can result in a coating of rust overnight. Look at the rotors before driving tomorrow to see if there is a red film on the brake surface.