Brakes & Calipers changed - how to tell? master cylinder also clicks

My car is a 2000 Corolla CE I bought 2 months ago with 45k miles. It does not have ABS system.

Before I took the mechanic:
When I brake, there would be a “clamping” noise from the drivers front wheel sometimes. It sounds like the caliper “clamping” noise. The brake cylinder would also click the first time (and maybe second) the pedal is pressed.

The mechanic replaced the both front calipers, put new brake pads, installed rear drums and shoes, and changed brake fluid.

The brake pedal is now high and when I brake…it does brake but it’s not like “instant stopping power” like new brake pads. Is this normal? (maybe I have to break them in). Also, the master cylinder is still clicking (I pump the brakes since my car has no ABS)…it clicks the first 2 times I pump. Is that normal?

Since the repair, I drove it for the second time. This time the brakes brake more “instantly”. The clicking of the master cylinder is still there however, could this be due to air in the hoses?

After leaving the car parked for an hour or so, and without inserting the key kneel on the ground at the door, lean under the steering column and listen as you depress the pedal with your hand. If the noise occurs try to isolate it.

If the brake fluid never got changed over those 13+ years you probably need a master cylinder too.
The old fluid gathered moisture and contaminants that cause corrosion in the whole system.
At 45k miles it’s possible this car never had any brake work done.
If the mechanic on new pads without resurfacing or replacing the old rotors you will have a lack of braking power until the new pads conform to the grooves in the old rotors.